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Goody The Remake 1.5

Goody The Remake is, as its name suggests, a remake of a classic one of the 80s
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Goody is a famous game created in 1988. If you are from those days (like me), maybe you will remember how funny was to play that incredible and ingenious game. It was about a bank robber that wanted to break into the Spain Bank. But in the meantime, he will have to escape from a city where everybody is against him. Goody The Remake, as its name suggests, recreates this amazing game that was a best seller in the 80's.

The main objective is to rob the Spain Bank, and as you can imagine, this is not an easy task, especially because the bank is protected by policemen and other securities. So, you will have to collect money bags to buy objects on the hardware store that will let you advance. This is not an easy decision because if you buy wrong tools, your plans could fail.

This remake is well done. Nice graphics, especially if you have played the original version. It has sounds and music similar to the eighties version, but of course, they are remastered. I personally think that Goody The Remake is an excellent example of how a classic game can be renewed preserving its originality.

Daniel Mantilla
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